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Anita Krohn Traaseth, Member of the European Innovation Council (EIC) and Moderator of Norway Summit

09:45 The Global Economy Under Duress

Kenneth Rogoff, Professor of Economics and Thomas D. Cabot Professor of Public Policy, Harvard University

Perspectives from the Front Lines of Global Innovation. Decision Making in a Rapidly Evolving Environment.

Aaron Gershenberg, Founder of Silicon Valley Bank Capital’s fund of funds and direct funds, SVB Capital
John China, President, Silicon Valley Bank Capital
Sebastian Penn, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank Denmark
John Biggs, Managing Partner, Silicon Valley Bank Capital

European Venture Capital and women - The real facts and why it matters

Anna Wnuk, Head of Community of European Women in VC and Investor Relations Manager/Chief Happiness Officer at Experior VC

Diversity as a necessity for innovation

Marte Cecilie Wilhelmsen Solheim, Associate Professor and Head of the Stavanger Centre for Innovation Research, University of Stavanger

11:25 How to create a culture of diversity, inclusion & belonging in the workplace

Sumeet Singh Patpatia, Global Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, Schibsted

Strategy & Leadership in the Face of Disruption and Exponential Change

Erik Anderson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of WestRiver Group

Leading in the green wave of innovation

Kristin F. Kragseth, CEO, Petoro
Simon Coton, COO, NES Fircroft
Benedicte Schilbred Fasmer, CEO, SpareBank 1 SR-Bank

13:20 AlphaZero: a self-taught AI's journey of discovery

Ulrich Paquet, Research Scientist at DeepMind

How will A.I. influence our lives, and do we really understand the algorithms and the ethical challenges?

Ulrich Paquet, Research Scientist at DeepMind, England
Inga Strümke, Researcher, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Klas Pettersen, CEO, Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium (NORA)

Chair’s Conversation

Øystein Olsen, Chairman, Norway Summit. Previous Governor of Norges Bank
Nicolai Tangen, CEO, Norges Bank Investment Management
Kenneth Rogoff, Professor of Economics and Thomas D. Cabot Professor of Public Policy, Harvard University

14:35 Current Geopolitical Events and their Impact on the Global Innovation Ecosystem

Kenneth J. Braithwaite, 77th US Secretary of the Navy

Russia's war from a chess player's perspective

Atle Grønn, Professor of Russian linguistics at the University of Oslo

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