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Atle Grønn

Professor of Russian linguistics at the University of Oslo

Atle Grønn (born 1971) is a well-known figure in Norwegian chess. He is one of the most used chess commentators on national TV (on NRK since 2013). He is the author of two chess books for a wider audience, Sjakken eller livet (2016) and Sjakkgeniene (2018, with Hans Olav Lahlum). Grønn is a prolific chess writer and has written more than 2000 chess columns for major Norwegian newspapers (notably Aftenposten and Dag og Tid).

Grønn is also an international master (IM) in chess. He was Norwegian champion in rapid chess in 1992 and finished 2nd in the same championship 27 years later in 2019. In recent years, he has done much to popularize Fischer random chess (Chess960).

Grønn is a full-time professor of Russian at the University of Oslo. He specializes in theoretical linguistics (mostly semantics and pragmatics). Outside the academic world he is mostly known for his knowledge of Soviet chess history and chess culture, topics on which he has written extensively.