Tuesdag, June 5

Clarion Hotel Energy, Stavanger

The Future of Intelligence – The impact of A.I.

The topic had three sections:

#1 The state of A.I today (technological drivers)
#2 How to do business on A.I. (financial drivers)
#3 A.I. for better or worse (human/ethical drivers)

Speakers and panelists where:

  • Stephen Lowery, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank Global Markets, UK
  • Ben Warner, Head of Strategy, ASI UK
  • Iselin Nybø, Minister of Research and Higher Education, The Norwegian Government, NO
  • Yoav Evenstein, Consultant & Analyst, Microsoft & Ramot at Tel Aviv University, ISR
  • Anna Piperal, e-Estonia Showroom Managing Director, EST
  • Sajit Rao, Co57 Systems, US
  • Torger Reve, Professor Strategy​ &​ Industrial Competitiveness, BI, NO
  • Shai Wininger, Co-founder, Lemonade, Israel
  • Marco Singh, Machine Learning Engineer, Corti, DK
  • Halvor Lande,Head of Digitalisation and Business Development, DNB, NO
  • Einar Bøhn, Professor of Philosophy, University of Agder, NO
  • Toril Nag, Group Executive Vice President, Lyse Group, NO
  • Lars Selsås, Founder & CEO, boost.ai, NO
  • Karianne Melleby, Director Corporate Partnerships, StartupLab Oslo, NO
  • Tore Gjedebo, CEO, InvesTore, NO
  • Morten Goodwin, Deputy director and associate professor, Agder University, NO
  • John Olav Syrrist, Managing Director – Resources Norway, Accenture, NO
  • Gry Isabell Sannes,Manager for ITSA and the Arts & Business Incubator in Validé, NO

Speaker line-up

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