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Inga Strümke

Researcher, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Particle Physicist | XAI researcher | TEDx speaker

PhD. Inga Strümke researched the use of machine learning in particle physics in her PhD, and has been active in the field ever since. Beneath her favourite question “How does the universe work?”, lies a layer of “How can we understand the world we live in?”, which speaks right to artificial intelligence (AI).

She argues that using AI for good is closely linked to both understanding AI well, but also knowing ourselves and our needs. Not only can AI help us drive cars and detect cancer – it can help us solve the optimisation problem of human ethics. If we play it right.

Inga is a researcher at the Norwegian Open AI Lab at the NTNU, and a part-time researcher at the Department of Holistic Systems at Simula Research Laboratory. She has previously worked on trustworthy AI and algorithm auditing at PwC, received the University of Bergen’s outreach price in 2019, and was awarded “One of Norways 50 leading women in tech 2020″. She is an international keynote speaker, podcast host at the Norwegian Council for Digital Ethics and has several video courses on artificial intelligence available, also in Spanish.