About Norway Summit

Norway Summit is an annual conference that started in 2016 and is part of the world's most innovative chess tournament, Norway Chess. Norway Chess is one of the strongest chess tournaments in the world where the Top 10 players meet, of course including, World Chess Champion; Magnus Carlsen. The main thematic focus areas are: new technology, finance, innovation and sustainability.

Norway Summit is a multi-disciplinary conference. Our participants get to partake in dialogue with our speakers and interact in a unique way.

Our participants are world-leadingthinkers, business leaders, innovators, successful entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, premise providers and decision makers.

At the heart of the Summit is the idea of ​​knowledge as tool for empowerment, engaging in healthy debates and working together towards our shared future. Changes in society are taking place at a high pace and Norway Summit aim to be part of ensuring Norway has lots to offer to our world and to build an internationally competitive innovation environment. We will need knowledge about technology, smart investments, venture capital, what becomes important in the future and how we want to shape it in order to reach our goals.

Norway Summit is a conference of significant character for those engaged in the intersection of innovation, finance and society. As an organizer, we are proud to see the importance of the conference as a connecting force between innovation eco-systems around the world.

- YOU are invited to be part of it! 


“Norway Summit brings together a great cocktail of insight, experience and entrepreneurial spirit in a beautiful and cozy Stavanger setting. Top tech startups meet investors and visionary industry experts in an informal setting where everyone brings home new knowledge and reflections”. That sums up my experience quite nicely.”
Tommy Andersen, Nordic Makers VC, Denmark (panelist 2017)

“The Noway Summit Conference 2017: Leading to the Unknown gave me new global insight, inspiration and connections. I was honoured to join the extended panel discussion moderated by Siri Lill Mannes under the heading: The Nordic Perspectives. My special thank you goes to the Noway Summit Team and all the wonderful people, who made my first trip to Stavanger so special. Thank you, I hope to be back!”
Mette S. Rotbøll, Founder, Vigil Wealth Management AG, Switzerland (panelist 2017)
“The Norway Summit 2016 was an inspiring conference to speak at and attend. Given the quality of engineering talent, access to capital, mindset of entrepreneurs and support from Government for entrepreneurship, I think Norway has all the right raw ingredients to develop a strong innovation eco-system, and ultimately build world-class companies”
Gerlad Brady, Head of UK Relationship Banking, Silicon Valley Bank (speaker 2016 and 2019)
“Norway Summit was a great event – fantastic speakers and a highly engaged audience. It was one of the most enjoyable conferences I’ve attended in the past couple of years”
Thomas Bull, Director Financial Services - Transaction Advisory Services - Ernst & Young LLP, UK (speaker 2016)

“I attended Norway Summit in 2016, however, in 2017 it surpassed my highest expectations. Excellent speakers with an enlightening perspective. A must attend conference!”
Tore Gjedebo, CEO, Investore

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