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AlphaZero, chess, and self-learning systems

Ulrich Paquet

Research Scientist at DeepMind, England

Ulrich holds a PhD in machinelearning from the University of Cambridge'sComputer Laboratory and has worked at several tech-companies such as Microsoft, Imense, VocallQ and Xbox Recommendations team. A highlight from was the launch of Xbox One. He joined DeepMind, one of the most prestigeous AI companies in the world, in 2016.

Ulrich Paquet is a South African research scientist at DeepMind, who lost his heart somewhere in the African bushveld and is always looking for ways to find it. His most recent expedition in this quest is with the Deep Learning Indaba and its community of hard-working, dedicated friends and peers. He holds a PhD in machine learning from the University of Cambridge, lived life on the edge in two high tech startups, managed a team in Apple, and with Noam Koenigstein developed the core of the Microsoft recommender system. He was on the initial Xbox One team, and is still itching to build the next big thing.