Ulrich Paquet

Research Scientist at DeepMind, England

Ulrich holds a PhD in machinelearning from the University of Cambridge'sComputer Laboratory and has worked at several tech-companies such as Microsoft, Imense, VocallQ and Xbox Recommendations team. A highlight from was the launch of Xbox One. He joined DeepMind, one of the most prestigeous AI companies in the world, in 2016.
Øystein Olsen

Governor, Norges Bank, Norway

Øystein Olsen was re-appointed Governor of Norges Bank and Chair of the Executive Board on 1 January 2017 for a second six-year term. Øystein Olsen has held this post since 1 January 2011.
Yoav Evenstein

Consultant & Analyst at Evenovate & Tel Aviv University, Israel

Yoav Evenstein’s mission and passion is ‘Bringing R&D to life’ -helping organizations mature their ideas from basic research, to final productspeople love. He currently promotes this as a consultant on behalf of Evenovate,an analyst at Ramot - Tel Aviv University’s technology transfer company andbusiness engagement center, as well as a business partner with Microsoft.
Torgeir Waterhouse

ICT Norway

Torgeir Waterhouse is often seen in the public debate and plays a central role in the Norwegian debate on IT policy issues. He has previously worked at the Norwegian Consumer Council, but he is now working on IT challenges from the industry's point of view. Waterhouse is also a sought-after speaker and author.
Lasse Andresen

Co-Founder and CTO, ForgeRock, USA/Norway

A powerhouse of tireless can-do enthusiasm, Lasse Andresen leverages his combined business, technical, and people skills as the Chief Technology Officer of ForgeRock, the fastest growing digital identity management vendor in the world.
Judit Polgar

Greatest female chess player of all time, Hungary

Judit Polgar is considered the best female chess player in history, two-time Olympic champion. At the age 15 she broke Bobby Fischer’s record by becoming the youngest Grandmaster. She has been ranked the world number one female chess player for over 25 years, and on the occasion of this exceptional achievement she was awarded a Guinness Record in 2014.
Arkady Dvorkovich

President World Chess Federation, previously Deputy Prime-Minister, Russia

Arkady has driving force behond chess development across Russia through his position as Vice President of the Russian Chess Federation (RCF) and later Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the RCF. Today he serves as a Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the New Economic School that was named the best Russian university in the most recent Forbes education rating. He is also a Co-chairman for the Skolkovo Innovation Development Foundation - the flagship technological initiative in Russia.
Nikolai Astrup

Minister of Digitalisation, Norway

Nikolai Astrup is a Norwegian politician representing the Conservative Party (Høyre) for Oslo. He served as the Minister of International Development from 2018-2019 in Prime Minister Erna Solberg's cabinet. In 2019, he became the first Minister of Digitalisation. Nikolay is working on Norway's national strategy for artificial intelligence.
Christine Sagen Helgø

Mayor in Stavanger, Norway

Christine Sagen Helgø has been the mayor of Stavanger since the regional election ofOctober 2011, representing the Conservative Party of Norway, Høyre (re-elected in 2015).She has a law degree from the University of Bergen.
Klaus Mohn

Professor and rector elect, University of Stavanger

Professor Mohn holds an MSc in economics from the Norwegian School of Economics and a PhD in petroleum economics from the University of Stavanger. His background includes academic research at Statistics Norway, macroeconomic research at DNB Markets, as well as a variety of positions in economics, finance, strategy, and communication with Statoil, where he also served as corporate chief economist.
Siri Lill Mannes


Siri Lill Mannes is CEO of SpeakLab and former News Anchor of Norway’s TV2. Siri has a passion for international affairs and holds a Master degree in history. Her career as a journalist started on the foreign desk of TV2.