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Torgeir Waterhouse

ICT Norway

Torgeir Waterhouse is often seen in the public debate and plays a central role in the Norwegian debate on IT policy issues. He has previously worked at the Norwegian Consumer Council, but he is now working on IT challenges from the industry's point of view. Waterhouse is also a sought-after speaker and author.

Waterhouse covers topics such as internet access, infrastructure, frequencies, surveillance and law enforcement, copyright, privacy, digitization, consumer related issues, games and gamification, the Internet of Things, smart cities, smart homes, internet management and digital competence.

In addition to his role as representative of the IT industry, he has also been asked to take positions in government committees on topics such as digital value creation, copyright, lawful monitoring, online gambling, etc. He has several board and advisory positions for organizations and companies in the internet sphere, such as the Norwegian IPv6 Forum, The Norwegian Register of Domain Names, Norwegian Safer Internet Project, Østfold University College, Faculty of Computer Science, The Great Norwegian Encyclopedia, Norwegian Digital Forum and more.

Waterhouse is also one of the founders of the highly successful Norwegian movement Lær Kidsa Koding, whose goal is to teach children in Norway to code, both in school and through private associasions.