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Oksana Babyak

Humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Oksana Babyak was one of DNs 30 under 30 for her dedication to helping Ukraine. She moved to Norway as a six year old from Ukraine. She has a master in IT-law (forvaltningsinformatikk) but just as she finished her education and was getting ready to start her career, the full scale Russian invasion in Ukraine occurred. She began working as an interpreter for Ukrainian refugees while simultaneously collecting medical, humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine. The day after the full scale invasion she and her family were packing the first truckload of medical supplies. Since then she has sent countless shipments of everything from heating pads, boots and sleeping bags to advanced medical equipment, drones and communication devices.

Her dedication to her native country’s cause is an inspiration and an example of how a can-do spirit on grass root level can make real meaningful change.

The war in Ukraine is a global threat and remaining passive or the illusion of neutrality is damaging to a country that is defending the ideals of the whole democratic world. One person can not buy tanks or air defense systems on their own. But one person can get tourniquets that can save lives or equipment that can keep a soldier warm in the trenches.

In the last two years, Oksana has met countless of different destinies and hearing all of those experiences inspires her to continue her work.

At Norway Summit 2024, Oksana will participate in a panel discussion. Together with Hoda Khamosh and Cidi Nzita, we will delve into stories of resilience and activism in the panel "From Adversity to Advocacy: Voices of Change and Empowerment".