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Hans Olav Lahlum

Historian, author, chess expert

Hans Olav Lahlum debuted in 2007 with the critically acclaimed political biography on the former Norwegian politician, Oscar Torp. Since then, he has published over 30 books both fiction and non-fiction. In 2008 "The Presidents" was published, describing the American presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama. Lahlum has written several other political biographies mostly on Norwegian politicians such as Haakon Lie, Reiulf Steen and other personalities from the Norwegian labour party. He recently published two new books, a crime fiction: "The Mission" and a non-fiction book "Trump, Biden and the battle of America".

In addition to writing, Lahlum is a chess player and active politician. He is widely used as a commentator and debater and has been the expert commentator for TV 2 during the 2016, 2018 and the upcoming 2020 presidential election in the USA.