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Gorm Kipperberg

Professor, Environmental Economics, University of Stavanger School of Business and Law

Gorm Kipperberg is a Professor of Environmental Economics at the University of Stavanger School of Business and Law (Stavanger, Norway). He holds a BBA (finance) and a BA (Economics) from Pacific Lutheran University (WA, United States) and MSC and PHD degrees in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of California, Davis(CA, United States). Kipperberg is renowned as a passionate lecturer who has taught an assortment of courses (e.g., microeconomics, econometrics, and environmental economics) at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Kipperberg and his research collaborators publish regularly in leading scientific field journals (e.g., Environmental and Resource Economics, Ecological Economics, andEnergy Economics).

As part of his research activities, Kipperberg recently led the implementation of a large environmental valuation project titled “COAST-BENEFIT: Ecosystem Service Valuation for Coastal Zone Management: From Promise to Practice”. In 2014/2015, he served on the Norwegian government’s expert committee on stormwater management. Kipperberg is also an active public speaker and debate participant on the nature and climate crises, two of the most urgent global challenges facing humankind.