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Elsa Fredrikke & Gunn Nedrebø

Founders, Høst & Vår

Høst & Vår is a sustainable Norwegian fashion brand, created in 2020, by mother and daughter team: Elsa Fredrikke Nedrebø and Gunn Auglend Nedrebø. Høst & Vår translates to ´Autumn and Spring´ in Norwegian and refers to mother and daughter. Their loving bond and shared passion for fashion is built into every garment, making sustainable, fun fashion for anyone to enjoy.

Elsa Fredrikke Nedrebø
Born in 1989, Elsa grew up amongst the busy studio of her mother, Gunn. After finishing her studies of fashion and pattern cutting, Elsa launched a ready-to-wear capsule collection as part of a Norwegian online platform. Following the success of this capsule, Elsa decided to launch her own brand in 2015, and the story of HØST & VÅR began its evolution.

Gunn Auglend Nedrebø
A heratige of 30 years as a professional designer, tailor and patthern cutter, is brought to the business by Gunn Auglend, who continues to be the backbone of the pattern construction of HØST & VÅR.

The passion for fashion design has been passed down three generations, from grandmother, to mother, to daughter. Elsa, who is now the leaning design force of the brand. Elsa's grandmother, also named Elsa Fredrikke, is held firmly in the hearts of Elsa & Gunn as the inspirational force behind their creative spirit.