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Cidi Nzita

Founder of Springbrett for ungdom

Cidi Nzita came as a refugee to Norway at the age of six. He experienced war in his home country, and the journey to Norway was challenging. Despite his hardships, he has made strides in life.

A former track and field athlete, Cidi has recently leveraged his expertise by holding various positions within the Norwegian Athletics Federation and the Norwegian Sports Federation. He continues to coach children in the club where he grew up. In addition to his involvement in sports, Cidi works as a social worker at a high school.

In 2015, Cidi founded an organization that has since grown and evolved into today's "Springrett for ungdom." Springbrett for ungdom is a voluntary, humanitarian organization offering free courses and activities for children and youth aged 13-25. The organization provides a diverse range of offerings, including courses, sports, cultural activities, and swimming lessons.

Cidi also travels to give lectures in Norway, and in 2023, he initiated Youngtalk – a conference for children, youth, and individuals working with them, with a focus on mental health.

At Norway Summit 2024, Cidi will participate in a panel discussion. Together with Hoda Khamosh and Oksana Babyak, we will delve into stories of resilience and activism in the panel "From Adversity to Advocacy: Voices of Change and Empowerment".