Kristin Harila and her way to create history

On January 12, 2023 we had the pleasure of doing a stand-alone event with mountaineer and pioneer, Kristin Harila.

In 2022, Kristin Harila climbed 12 of a total of 14 mountains in the world that are above 8,000 meters high. The plan was to set the world record of climbing the 14 peaks in the shortest amount of time. Kristin did 12! Unfortunately, she did not receive the visa she needed from China in order to climb the last two mountains, and therefore, the record attempt had to end. This was a real setback when she was so close to the goal. Fortunately, this does not stop Kristin, who will climb the "two missing" mountains again this year as well as all 14 mountains (again)! If she manages this, she will set historical records both on time spent, she will be the first person who has done all 14 mountains in two years and she will also be the first woman to do so.

The presentation Kristin gave was the first of its kind and very rare considering she spends most of her time in extremely remote mountains. The audience was impressed by her achievements and there were lots of questions from the audience when the presentation was done. The evening was moderated by former football professional, author and presenter, Arne Møller from Speaklab.

Thank you to everyone who came!

For pictures, please visit the Norway Summit Facebook page.

For more information on Kristin, please visit her website.