Insights into Europe’s Geopolitical Landscape: David Marsh at Norway Summit

Norway Summit - The Next Move, will be an essential gathering for economic and policy leaders. This year, Norway Summit is honored to welcome David Marsh, Chairman and Co-Founder of the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF), as a speaker. Marsh, a seasoned expert in global economic policy, will delve into the critical topic of "Europe and Geopolitics," providing invaluable insights into the complex challenges and shifting dynamics shaping the continent.

David Marsh: A Renowned Authority in Economic Policy

David Marsh's extensive career and profound expertise make him a prominent figure in the realm of economic policy and central banking.With a career spanning decades, Marsh has held significant roles in various esteemed institutions, including Robert Fleming, Hawkpoint, Droege, and London & Oxford. Since co-founding OMFIF in 2009, Marsh has been pivotal in fostering dialogue and collaboration between public and private sectors worldwide.

Marsh's academic contributions as a visiting Professor at Sheffield University and King’s College London, alongside his advisory roles with the British Chamber of Commerce in Germany and the German-British Forum, underscore his deep understanding of European economic affairs. His accolades, including being named Commander of the British Empire and receiving the German Order of Merit, further attest to his distinguished career and influence.

Exploring Europe’s Geopolitical Fault Lines

In his presentation at Norway Summit, Marsh will explore the intensifying fault lines across Europe’s geopolitical landscape. His presentation will examine the multifaceted challenges confronting Europe, including the ramifications of Russia’s war in Ukraine, the enduring impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the globalisation of industry and finance. Marshwill also address the significant geopolitical tensions arising fromChinese-American rivalry and climate change-induced upheavals.

Marsh’s analysis will delve into historical contexts, particularly the unresolved issues from the time of German unification and the collapse of the Soviet Union. He will provide insights into the ongoing "war of Soviet succession" in Ukraine, the evolving dynamics of theSoviet/Russia-US relationship, and its spillover effects involving China.Additionally, Marsh will discuss the challenges faced by major European power slike Germany and France, the complexities of achieving European political and monetary union, and the far-reaching consequences of the UK's Brexit decision.

A critical component of Marsh’s presentation will be the examination of American power in relation to Europe. Despite Europe’s efforts to redefine this relationship, American influence in industrial, energy, security, and monetary spheres remains substantial. Marsh will highlight the significance of the upcoming November 2024 US presidential election, which is poised to have profound implications for the transatlantic relationship and Europe’s geopolitical future.

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Norway Summit is an unmissable event for those invested in understanding and navigating the intricate web of global economic and geopolitical issues. David Marsh’s presentation will offer attendees a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Europe’s current challenges and future prospects.

By bringing together thought leaders and decision-makers from around the world, Norway Summit provides a platform for insightful discussions and strategic collaboration. Join us in Stavanger on June 5th to be part of these conversations and to gain insights that will shape the future of Europe and beyond.

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