A women's Grandmaster Tournament

While women are now playing at the highest levels in chess, gender disparity in the game is still very much an issue. Our partner; Norway Chess, want to be part of leveling the playing field and is now inviting you to join them.

Norway Chess has a dream of organizing a tournament for Women Grandmasters with equal playing conditions as the Norway Chess supertournament. Annually, the top 10 players of the world are invited to participate in Norway Chess. Unfortunately, women have not been in the top 10 rating for many years, in fact, only one woman has achieved this, ever: Grandmaster Judit Polgar from Hungary.

As per today, there is no woman in the top 100 live rating list! The best female player, Hou Yifan from China, is currently ranked number 112, the world female number 2,  Aleksandra Goryachkina, is ranked 265.

There are several reasons why women are not amongst the world top players today, and the reasons why remain a big topic for discussion. Amongst children, there are about as many girls playing chess as there are boys. It’s during the teenage years we see a big dropout of girls in chess clubs. We won’t enter that debate now.

To have more girls and women succeed in chess, there needs to be a motivating factor.
Norway Chess believes that creating a tournament with the same prize fund conditions, the same professional services, the same TV coverage, the same playing venue, etc. as Magnus Carlsen and his competitors in Norway Chess, will contribute to a growth in interest for professional chess amongst girls and young women. It will take time to see visible results, but one must start somewhere and it’s about time women have equal opportunities in practical terms as their male counterparts.

Let’s accelerate the process of positive change!  
Norway Chess wants to be part of the process and development for professional female chess players and have a goal to organize a tournament for top-rated women grandmasters and give them equal prize money as we do at the Norway Chess supertournament. For this, Women´s Grandmaster tournament, women will play alongside men in Norway Chess, receiving the same TV-coverage, and same conditions, although playing in separate tournaments.

In short: what we want to create

  • A 6-player tournament with top rated Woman Grandmaster’s
  • The tournament will take place during the Norway Chess tournament
  • The tournament will receive coverage on live television in Norway as well as online with English commentary
  • The prize fund is equal to Norway Chess’ prize fund (this is revolutionary stuff!)
  • The tournament will be by invitation
  • Goal of having the first tournament in June 2023

How you can be a part of it
Do you want to be part of creating the world’s first chess tournament for women with equal conditions as for men?
Do you believe female chess players should receive equal opportunities as male chess players?
Do you want to take part in the making of history?

Get in touch with Norway Chess and let’s talk!

Kjell Madland
+47 911 67 695