Strategic moves discussed at Norway Summit 2022

Thank you to everyone who attended the 7th edition of Norway Summit on June 8th! We had a very useful day with important discussions on geopolitics, world economy, finance, technology such as artificial intelligence, leadership, diversity and innovation, and women and venture capital, to mention some.

We were honoured to have Professor Kenneth Rogoff, world-known economist, attend the conference and share insights on three different occasions on stage. CEO, of the Norwegian Wealth Fund, (Norges Bank Investment Management), Nikolai Tangen stated in a panel with Rogoff that "discussing economy with Rogoff is like discussing the Bible with Jesus!". From world experts in business and finance, to world experts in venture capital, artificial intelligence and how to use diversity as a tool for innovation. The attendees had a day with a variety of interesting topics that somehow all are connected. The dim light of the global geopolitical state was shed over them all. We are proud that speakers feel comfortable enough to say things just the way they see it, even if it's not always the most optimistic angle. We are very fortunate in Norway, in many ways, unfortunately, many other countries are not. These discussions need to continue and they will do so. We are proud to contribute to create a stage where different opinions and views are welcomed, in Stavanger.

We would like to thank all of our speakers and attendees for spending your day with us.
Thank you also to partners, organizers and volunteers.

We will meet again June 1st, 2023. Just mark your calendar right away :)

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